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21.10.2022 Fr.
(DK) Fredericia
Winter Metal Magic Festival

23.10.2022 So.
(A) Linz - Tabakfabrik
Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe

29.10.2022 Sa.
(A) Salzburg - Messezentrum
Wildestyle & Tattoo Messe

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Hello dear friends,

We still cannot believe it ourselves, but as you might have noticed, our 40 year anniversary is drawing near. Therefore, we would like to give you the opportunity to share your own memories, experiences and thoughts with us. Write about what Sodom means to you. The more thrilling words, the better!
Some of you have accompanied us from the very beginning, lots have joined later on and we experience a whole new generation growing up with a huge interest in the history of origins of our music.
Next year, we will publish selected texts within a booklet. It can be written in either German or English. Please don't be upset if not everything gets published or certain texts will be shortened, due to page restrictions. In addition, a lector will proofread and streamline if applicable. By transmitting your drafts, you give your consent.
As you know, the opinions of our fans, be it accolades or criticism, is an important part of our career. You have showed us time and again, that a band cannot achieve anything without a strong following!
Thanks in advance for your efforts, we anticipate the thoughts you will share with the rest of the world in the end!

Stay safe. We hope to meet you soon again on the road!

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