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10.12.2018 Mo.
(DE) Ravensburg, Oberschwabenhalle
MTV Headbanger's Ball tour

11.12.2018 Di.
(DE) Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
MTV Headbanger's Ball tour

12.12.2018 Mi.
(DE) Saarbrücken, Garage
MTV Headbanger's Ball tour

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Here's herr Nabel and me (the blond guy) with Angelripper in Tallinn concert backstage few years ago.


Stgo Chile 2008

Stgo Chile 2008

Zagreb Metal Fest

Some pics the day afer Zagreb Metal Fest in metal bar Runa! Mehr…


Hello, I have got over 200 pics of SODOM from sound checks and with SODOM from Lodz (Poland), Wroclaw (Poland), Dublin, Amsterdam, Osnabruck and Bochum from 2006 then I’ve got also some from Wacken 2007. I would like to know if you could put them on SODOM site. The ones from Poland were already there, put by the previous webmaster, I don’t know maybe they took too much space or something that’s why you deleted them? If there is a way you could put them on the site I could send them to you or if more convenient I could burn a cd with them all and send it to you? If you prefer the cd I will do it in August, because only then I go home to Poland. Will you be in Losheim in August? I will be there so then I could give the cd to you. Best regards. Mariusz
P.S. In the attachment is a picture of you and me from SODOM bus in Wacken

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