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27.03.2021 Sa.
(GR) Athen
Fuzz Club (postponed)

28.03.2021 So.
(GR) Thessaloniki
Principal Club Theater (postponed)

29.05.2021 Sa.
(DE) Berlin
Huxleys Neue Welt, Thrash-Fest (postponed to 2022)

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Hey guys!
Check out this Sodom "Code Red" Tattoo!
I got it 2 months ago because Sodom fucking rocks!
Cheers from Holland


Man from Prague

we met in prague 2006 on winter assault but it was 2 years ago! My tattoo to show the respect!

Der Springer

hi, das ist mein code red tattoo.
gre aus meinem kuhkaff. Der Springer

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