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Shask eMail an Shask schicken Shasks Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 46 vom 16.09.2008, 20:38
 Sodom - Ace of spades
Live at Campinas/SP - Brasil (09/12/200cool ... sodom motorhead rock metal brasil campinas ace of spades ...

Sodom - Remember the Fallen
Live at Campinas/SP - Brasil (09/12/200cool
Sheila -SPaulo - Brasil
Eintrag 45 vom 15.09.2008, 17:01
 Será o show mais fudido d3a5ff5esse semestre!!!! Loucura total, Sodom!!!!!!!
Paul Pannick eMail an Paul Pannick schicken
Eintrag 44 vom 15.09.2008, 03:53
Coming to USA anytime soon?
Katja eMail an Katja schicken
Eintrag 43 vom 15.09.2008, 00:05
 Thank you for coming to Sao Paulo, it was an amazing concert!!!
I didnt like the place, but you rocked anyway!

I hope to see more of you großes Grinsen

tom eMail an tom schicken
Eintrag 42 vom 13.09.2008, 16:38
 keep on drumming in the ternal fields of rock chris
we will miss you buddy!
serglayer eMail an serglayer schicken serglayers Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 41 vom 13.09.2008, 04:44
 espectacular el cocierto que dieron en santiago
lo disfrute al maximo
ojala vuelvan pronto

sodom is the law!!!!!!
William Barraza eMail an William Barraza schicken
Eintrag 40 vom 13.09.2008, 03:15
großes Grinsen
thanks tom angelripper from chile
el show fue espectacular
Diana eMail an Diana schicken Dianas Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 39 vom 12.09.2008, 20:47
Thanks guys for playing in Santiago, Chile. it was an amazing gig, i was waiting for it since I was 15. I hope you will come back to play here again.
Rest in Peace Mr Witchhunter...
steve-o eMail an steve-o schicken
Eintrag 38 vom 12.09.2008, 16:23
Herkunft: canada
 when are you guys coming to CANADA next?
Fedeh eMail an Fedeh schicken
Eintrag 37 vom 12.09.2008, 02:06
 R.I.P. Chris
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