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Eintrag 1886 vom 22.04.2016, 11:58
Herkunft: fhdsfhfdh
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Eintrag 1885 vom 22.04.2016, 11:42
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Eintrag 1884 vom 22.04.2016, 11:42
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Eintrag 1883 vom 22.04.2016, 01:49
Herkunft: Nice broh
 Nice broh
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Eintrag 1882 vom 21.04.2016, 18:08
 Its ' ok
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Eintrag 1881 vom 21.04.2016, 18:02
 Thanks spesial to you
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Eintrag 1880 vom 21.04.2016, 18:02
 Mantap banget nih hehe
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Eintrag 1879 vom 21.04.2016, 18:01
 Thanks bro
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Eintrag 1878 vom 21.04.2016, 05:32
 Zest for lunch today? Thank you for the information
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Eintrag 1877 vom 20.04.2016, 20:50
 agen poker online indonesia Decide your communications. Select a signal that will communicate which cards are in each of your hands. Try to make your signals subtle and repeatable. Do not choose any signal that might be too obvious to other players outside your friends.[2]
Placement of chips
Tapping the table
Touching ears, eyes, nose, neck, or some other body part.
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