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Eintrag 3306 vom 15.09.2016, 11:54
Herkunft: India
Hadoop is a framework which has four classifications in it. Each has different properties and apache hadoop is an open source software framework. It is used for distributed processing and distributed storage. It use handle large set of data and information.Hadoop is especially used for Big Data maintenance. It uses Hadoop distributed file system . Its operating system is in cross platform. Its framework mostly written in java programming language. The other languages which are used by hadoop framework are c, c++ (c with classes) and sometimes in shell scripting.
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Eintrag 3305 vom 15.09.2016, 09:31
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Eintrag 3304 vom 15.09.2016, 09:20
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Eintrag 3303 vom 15.09.2016, 08:46
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Eintrag 3302 vom 15.09.2016, 08:38
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Eintrag 3301 vom 15.09.2016, 08:10
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Eintrag 3300 vom 15.09.2016, 08:09
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Eintrag 3299 vom 15.09.2016, 08:09
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Eintrag 3298 vom 15.09.2016, 07:19
Manfaat Telur Putih Untuk Penderita Ginjal eMail an Manfaat Telur Putih Untuk Penderita Ginjal schicken Manfaat Telur Putih Untuk Penderita Ginjals Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 3297 vom 15.09.2016, 07:15
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