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Guardian eMail an Guardian schicken Guardians Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 59 vom 08.09.2008, 22:34
Herkunft: Frankreich
 Rest in Peace Brothers. Thank you so much for everything you brought to us and to thrash music. We'll never forget you.

Greetings and good luck to all familiy and friends.

Thrash 'Til Death...
HÃ¥kon Grav
Eintrag 58 vom 08.09.2008, 22:34
Herkunft: Norway
Rest in peace, Chris!
HÃ¥kon & Immortal
Ronnie Ripper eMail an Ronnie Ripper schicken
Eintrag 57 vom 08.09.2008, 22:32
 I chose the bass and the vocals but Chris was one of the main contributors to the fact that I ever picked up an instrument, this is a sad day for an entire scene.

R.I.P. Witchhunter, see you in the grand backstage! / Ripper
Eintrag 56 vom 08.09.2008, 22:32
Herkunft: Monza, Italy
 No words. Just annihilated.

Really sad and sorry.

Condolence to everybody.
NatePoblete eMail an NatePoblete schicken
Eintrag 55 vom 08.09.2008, 22:32
 Chris was one of the greatest and most legendary drummers in all of Metal, his spirit will live on in the influence he gave the world. I'm sure he is downing beers and crushing poser skulls in Hell next to Quorthon, Paul Baloff, Euronymous and the rest of the ancient gods.
Eintrag 54 vom 08.09.2008, 22:31
Herkunft: Saarland
 Sehr sehr traurig macht mich das, Chris Du bist/warst für mich der beste Sodom -Drummer mit Deinem ganz eigenen unkopierbaren Stil.....Ruhe in Frieden.....
Matten Delfs eMail an Matten Delfs schicken Matten Delfss Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 53 vom 08.09.2008, 22:30
Herkunft: Büdelsdorf
 Rest in Peace Chris!!!!

Mein Beileid an seine Mum und alle die ihn kannten und liebten.

We will never forget you!!!

Cu you in Hell or elsewhere!!!

Matten Delfs
Canal Area Metal Show
Radio Vitalien
Thomas eMail an Thomas schicken Thomass Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 52 vom 08.09.2008, 22:28
Herkunft: Neukirch/Sachen, Deutschland
 Er war ein großartiger Trommler. R.I.P., Chris!
Adrian-Thrash eMail an Adrian-Thrash schicken Adrian-Thrashs Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 51 vom 08.09.2008, 22:27
In Venezuela much regret the death of a great lord of Thrash Metal German, Chris Witchhunter ... that's why we give with their ailments, may he rest in peace friend! böse
Eintrag 50 vom 08.09.2008, 22:26
 Rest in Peace Chris böse
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