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ANationalAcrobat eMail an ANationalAcrobat schicken
Eintrag 89 vom 08.09.2008, 23:45
 RIP Chris, we will always Remember the Fallen! Always one of my favourite metal drummers, never really flashy but tight with feeling, something one normally associate with thrash metal. Sodom wouldn't have sounded the same without you. It's great that he got to do one last recording with Sodom before his passing. Condolences to all his friends and family, he will be missed.
Eintrag 88 vom 08.09.2008, 23:44
 Thanks for joining sodom, for writing in sodom, for being outrageous, for some of the songs that I've banged my head to countless times.
Thanks for the fuckin' METAL!! May the beyond greet you with ample-breasted goodness. smile

Ruhen Sie in Frieden!!
Kael eMail an Kael schicken
Eintrag 87 vom 08.09.2008, 23:39
Rest in piece Witchhunter X( X(
SebaKreator eMail an SebaKreator schicken
Eintrag 86 vom 08.09.2008, 23:39
 Hasta siempre Chris, los thrasher de Santiago de Chile te conmemoraremos mañana 9 de septiempre en SODOM.

Nos venom en el infierno del rockero!!!
Kevin eMail an Kevin schicken
Eintrag 85 vom 08.09.2008, 23:34
 traurig Rest In Peace traurig
shevchenko eMail an shevchenko schicken
Eintrag 84 vom 08.09.2008, 23:29
Herkunft: chile,santiago
 simplemente gracias chris por todos los buenos momentos de musica que nos diste
estaras siempre presente en nuestra memoria
mañana en el concierto en santiago te haremos un pequeño homenaje
wretch eMail an wretch schicken
Eintrag 83 vom 08.09.2008, 23:27
Herkunft: rip
You will be missed brother.
Steelbald eMail an Steelbald schicken Steelbalds Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 82 vom 08.09.2008, 23:21
 Good Bye Chris
we miss you..........Agent Orange will made you eternal.
Eintrag 81 vom 08.09.2008, 23:19
 Descanse en Paz, Chris Witchhunter
M King
Eintrag 80 vom 08.09.2008, 23:18
 R.I.P. Chris Witchhunter

My condolences to his family and friends, his legacy will live on whenever Sodom is played in my home.
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