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Luke Sproule eMail an Luke Sproule schicken
Eintrag 109 vom 09.09.2008, 00:50
 A dark day indeed

May Witchhunter Rest in Peace

He will never be forgotten
Atli Jarl Martin eMail an Atli Jarl Martin schicken
Eintrag 108 vom 09.09.2008, 00:47
 One of the drummers that defined the genre.
My sincere condolences to his friends and loved ones.

Remember the Fallen indeed!

Regards from Iceland!
William, Flash magazine Italy eMail an William, Flash magazine Italy schicken
Eintrag 107 vom 09.09.2008, 00:42
 Riposa in pace fratello!
Grazie alla tua musica ci ricorderemo sempre di te.
ci mancherai
Eintrag 106 vom 09.09.2008, 00:37
 RIP, you will be sorely missed.
graveviolator 86 eMail an graveviolator 86 schicken
Eintrag 105 vom 09.09.2008, 00:35
 R.I.P chris.
one of the most influential drummers of thrash metal
xOv eMail an xOv schicken xOvs Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 104 vom 09.09.2008, 00:24
Vater Tinnitus eMail an Vater Tinnitus schicken
Eintrag 103 vom 09.09.2008, 00:24
Herkunft: Saarbrücken
 RIP Chris!
Eintrag 102 vom 09.09.2008, 00:21
Herkunft: holland
 one of my youth heroes, you gave the specific sound to agent orange and persecution, in peace man! thanks for all the joy I had seeing you live with sodom in the eighties.. you'll never be forgotten
Ryd eMail an Ryd schicken Ryds Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 101 vom 09.09.2008, 00:20
 Rest In Peace

Does anyone know what happened ??
Eintrag 100 vom 09.09.2008, 00:16
Herkunft: Finland
We remember the fallen.
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