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Flishli eMail an Flishli schicken
Eintrag 139 vom 09.09.2008, 02:45
 How sad traurig

Chris will always live on through Sodom.

Rest In Peace Chris Witchhunter
Robert Vaughan eMail an Robert Vaughan schicken AIM: evildead1989
Eintrag 138 vom 09.09.2008, 02:41
 R.I.P. Chris, You played a played part in creating those awsome sound of sodom back in the day, you will never be forgotten.
fabio moyses eMail an fabio moyses schicken
Eintrag 137 vom 09.09.2008, 02:41
 puta merda

como eu ouvi esse cara tocando na minha vida

tinha épocas que eu so ouvia sodom. e eu pirava na brutalidade do Chris. queria ser como ele.

descanse em paz, velho. eu e muitos fomos influenciados por vc. sua obra permanece. paz aos familiares.
Andrei "Blasphemer" eMail an Andrei
Eintrag 136 vom 09.09.2008, 02:39
Herkunft: R.I.P.
Rest In Peace.

A great drummer. See you in hell, my friend. böse
kleber torres eMail an kleber torres schicken
Eintrag 135 vom 09.09.2008, 02:38
you were fantastic!
george kalish george kalishs Homepage besuchen AIM: spacecorpse758
Eintrag 134 vom 09.09.2008, 02:19
Herkunft: USA
 Chris Witchhunter was a very cool drummer. When I first heard him in the 80's I thought wow, this guy is faster than Slayer(the fastest I heard at the time). He was a good hearted person i'm sure. I hope his soul will rest in peace now. He will live on through all the Sodom fans spinning his performances with the band. Thanks.
John Dwyer eMail an John Dwyer schicken John Dwyers Homepage besuchen AIM: AUTOPSYnumber666
Eintrag 133 vom 09.09.2008, 02:10
 R.I.P. Metal brother.
Eintrag 132 vom 09.09.2008, 02:08
 Thank you for the albums you played on, Witchhunter, and the contribution you've made to metal. You will be missed. RIP
Daemon eMail an Daemon schicken
Eintrag 131 vom 09.09.2008, 01:55
 Hails from Chile...!!!
Tomorrow you'll be in my country...
See you later...!!
Angel_Damir eMail an Angel_Damir schicken Angel_Damirs Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 130 vom 09.09.2008, 01:54

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