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Phil eMail an Phil schicken
Eintrag 159 vom 09.09.2008, 06:08
 Je n'en reviens toujours pas, je suis choqué !!
Je perds un des meilleurs batteurs que le monde du metal ait pû avoir. Son retour sur "The final sign of evil", m'avais fait rajeunir de 20 ans : j'étais de nouveau enflammé !!
andrew eMail an andrew schicken AIM: andrums
Eintrag 158 vom 09.09.2008, 05:46
 I m devastated, my favorite drummer is gone forever, but I know I will see him again, long live to true thrash metal
Adalberto Filho eMail an Adalberto Filho schicken Adalberto Filhos Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 157 vom 09.09.2008, 05:39
Valeu Chris...
Descanse em paz...
No sábado faremos uma puta homenagem pra você no show de São Paulo...
Leve o Thrash Metal para onde vc for....
andrew eMail an andrew schicken AIM: andrums
Eintrag 156 vom 09.09.2008, 05:39
Hisui eMail an Hisui schicken
Eintrag 155 vom 09.09.2008, 05:38
 I don't know where you are now, Chris, but I hope it's a good place and watch over your fellow band members and everyone who loved and supported you!

R.I.P. Chris - I salute you!

Also my best wishes and hopes for everyone related to Chris, please stay strong and happy, Chris would want that too!
Jesse James eMail an Jesse James schicken
Eintrag 154 vom 09.09.2008, 05:37
Herkunft: Caracas, Venezuela
 böse Rest In Peace Metal Brother!!!

Trash Untill Death!

Your Memorie Trascend The True Metal History!

Hail Chris WitchHunter!

Mourning Regards From Panthymonium, Caracas,Venezuela...
Rolando Mestanza eMail an Rolando Mestanza schicken
Eintrag 153 vom 09.09.2008, 05:28
I am shocked by the news, unfortunately lost a great drummer and also a founding member of this banda, my most heartfelt condolences to family and sodom , , nerve forget chris YOU! R.I.P. traurig
Eintrag 152 vom 09.09.2008, 05:27
Herkunft: nähe Hamburg
Zu erst geht mein aufrichtiges Beileid an die Familie von Chris!!!!
Ich kann es immer noch nicht glauben, daà er nicht mehr unter uns ist!!!
Mann was waren das geile Konzerte damals.
Vielen Dank Chris für viele geile Momente und für viele geile und immer KULT bleibende SODOM-Scheiben!!!!!!
Wir werden Dich alle SEHR vermissen!!!!

R. I. P.
Randall Hidalgo eMail an Randall Hidalgo schicken
Eintrag 151 vom 09.09.2008, 05:05
 Another human being is gone... and a legend has just born. Rest In Peace, Chris, you will be truly missed, but your music lives with us all. Thank you for all those great years of incredible musicianship and incredible drumming... now go and play with all those who you just joined. R.I.P. brother.
Dan Manyari eMail an Dan Manyari schicken
Eintrag 150 vom 09.09.2008, 05:02
 R.I.P Chris

Even tho you're not with us anymore, your music is your legacy to us and will always be remembered as a drummer and a important piece in the history of metal.

You will be missed!

Dan, aus Brazil
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