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Alex in USA
Eintrag 169 vom 09.09.2008, 07:41
 Thank you for the thunder, Chris! You will not be forgotten...
Maniäc eMail an Maniäc schicken
Eintrag 168 vom 09.09.2008, 07:38
 He will live on through his music!
remember the fallen
Achtung_Die eMail an Achtung_Die schicken
Eintrag 167 vom 09.09.2008, 07:15
 Grande Chris CHILE esta contigo ... hoy el concierto recordandolo!!! ahi estare !!!! recordaremos a Chris
Today in concert chile chris witchhunter remember!!!!
Markus eMail an Markus schicken Markuss Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 166 vom 09.09.2008, 07:00
Herkunft: Bochum
 Rest in peace Chris!

"Persecution Mania", "Agent Orange" and "Tapping The Vein" will let you thrash on in our minds forever!
Vesa Lassila eMail an Vesa Lassila schicken
Eintrag 165 vom 09.09.2008, 06:54

Remember the Fallen
Lex eMail an Lex schicken
Eintrag 164 vom 09.09.2008, 06:52
how fucken co-incidental that on the weekend of september 6-7 ,i was reading 2 different interviews with tom angelripper about the recording process for THE FINAL SIGN OF EVIL & wondering how fucked over chris must have felt after being kicked out of SODOM by tom .i have no doubt that suicide played a BIG part in chris' death , his alchohol problem alone would not have had the potential to end his life & also the fact that there are "no further details available"about his death. -R.I.P. chris
Eduardo eMail an Eduardo schicken AIM: Lobo
Eintrag 163 vom 09.09.2008, 06:37
 For people like us who had listen this music since 80's, when i listen to sodom I only imagine 3 people, Tom, Frank and Chris, Sodom with Chris made two master pieces of thrash metal, Persecution Mania and Agent Orange, It's very hard to listen thrash and know a great drummer and symbol of the metal it's not with us anymore, Rest in Peace Chris.
Glauco Silva eMail an Glauco Silva schicken Glauco Silvas Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 162 vom 09.09.2008, 06:33
 Descanse em paz / rest in peace, Chris - and thanks for your legacy in Metal history.
Eintrag 161 vom 09.09.2008, 06:24
 Rest in Peace, Chris

>>> Chris Witchhunter lives in ours memory <<<
DanyChile eMail an DanyChile schicken
Eintrag 160 vom 09.09.2008, 06:09
 In the name of Southamerica Chilean fans we Salute

Chris Witchhunter lives in ours memory

he thrashed till' death!!! ahs a real warrior of Metal!!!!
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