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Daniel J.
Eintrag 179 vom 09.09.2008, 08:15
Herkunft: Costa Rica
 This is certainly very sad news, my deepest regards to all his family and friends.
Metal Mark eMail an Metal Mark schicken Metal Marks Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 178 vom 09.09.2008, 08:15
 R.I.P. Chris, at a loss for words here. You will never be forgotten!m/
Anthicristhian eMail an Anthicristhian schicken
Eintrag 177 vom 09.09.2008, 08:04
 A great loss fo all, here from Colombia to Germany, my sinceres condolences...a drink dedicated to his memory...

Witchhunter Lives
Sodom Lives
We will not forget you Chris.
sodometal eMail an sodometal schicken sodometals Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 176 vom 09.09.2008, 08:02
 R.I.P. Chris.
Too bad I didn't have the opportunity to meet you at W:O:A 2007. I wish you could have been there...
Oliver Weinsheimer eMail an Oliver Weinsheimer schicken Oliver Weinsheimers Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 175 vom 09.09.2008, 08:00
 Ruhe in Frieden Chris, es wäre ein Traum gewesen, noch einmal eine Sodom Show mit den Originalmitgliedern zu machen, aber das ist nun leider vorbei. Thrash On Brother!!!
DirtyDream eMail an DirtyDream schicken
Eintrag 174 vom 09.09.2008, 07:59

R.I.P. Chris ! :[
Achamoth/Sven Granert eMail an Achamoth/Sven Granert schicken Achamoth/Sven Granerts Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 173 vom 09.09.2008, 07:51
Herkunft: Bavaria
I start listen to SODOM in 1986, as i get a handcopyed Tape in School from a Classmate. On it: "Sentence Of Death" and "In the Sign Of Evil"! I was really proud of that and have this Tape TODAY. Since that, SODOM are a big Part of my Life, but when im true: after Witchhunter was kicked i dont buy some Records, the last was "M-16". The Rest i get as Gift from Friends over the Years.
For me, Chris was THE SODOM Drummer.
Well, R.I.P. Chris, whereever you are! traurig
R.I.P. BROTHER!!! traurig
kingrandy eMail an kingrandy schicken kingrandys Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 172 vom 09.09.2008, 07:50
Herkunft: Neviges
 Ruhe in Frieden, Chris.

Mein aufrichtiges Beileid an seine Familie, Freunde und Wegbegleiter.
Eintrag 171 vom 09.09.2008, 07:45
 Remember The Fallen!!!
Eintrag 170 vom 09.09.2008, 07:44
 The atmosphere of Persecution mania and the technicality of Tapping the vein has been, and will always be a huge influence for me as a drummer.

No matter all rumours about Chris death or why he didn't continue with Sodom, he will always have a place in my drummers' heart.

Rest in peace (if possible)
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