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FREDDIE eMail an FREDDIE schicken
Eintrag 639 vom 10.09.2008, 06:10
Herkunft: Sweden

Freddie Eugene / Sweden
King eMail an King schicken
Eintrag 638 vom 10.09.2008, 06:00
 may the first talent of sodom reign in hell forever

rest in peace Witchhunter
NAZ eMail an NAZ schicken NAZs Homepage besuchen AIM: NAZ
Eintrag 637 vom 10.09.2008, 05:30
Adrian Schroeder
Eintrag 636 vom 10.09.2008, 05:00
Herkunft: Chris, The Gods of Metal are with you!
 I'm really sure Chris is now with the true Gods of Metal. One of selected people that guided me up into the true Heavy Metal road!

Chris, wherever you are, we 're always keeping your feeding flames!

Please, say Hello to Chuck and Jesse Pintado for me and all of true Brazilians Metal Defenders!
karla m
Eintrag 635 vom 10.09.2008, 04:57
 con mucha pena y mucho dolor el thrash metal esta de luto no tengo palabras para decir lo que siento soy una seguidora de sodom desde el 86 siempre estaras en nuestros corazones descanse en paz señor cazador de brujas. R I P
DEADNIGHT eMail an DEADNIGHT schicken DEADNIGHTs Homepage besuchen AIM: Guitar Virtuosity
Eintrag 634 vom 10.09.2008, 04:48
 You will always be remembered, rest in peace.
Jorge Barberena eMail an Jorge Barberena schicken
Eintrag 633 vom 10.09.2008, 04:47
Herkunft: México
 Es una gran pérdida para el mundo del thrash, y del metal en general, la prematura partida de Chris... Envío mis condolencias a su familia y a la gran familia Sodom. Ojalá y puedan reponerse pronto de este lamentable y desafortunado suceso. Witchhunter, now you are in a better place, the one we all shall go...We will meet again... Stay metal!
SCHMIER!!! SCHMIER!!!s Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 632 vom 10.09.2008, 04:37
Herkunft: GER-MONEY
 Only the good die young. I will keep Chris "Mr. Köstlich" Witchhunter in my Metal Heart as a funny guy & a talented drummer. He sure did miss music in the last years . It is a devatating tragedy. I'm shocked ...
I have such great memories from the last time I saw him and from our work together. We'll meet again one day bro - this world ain't good enough to meet again anyhow! R.I.P. - your work and your spirit will live on, forever!
Your old buddy Schmier obeys a fuckin' last time!
Reilly eMail an Reilly schicken AIM: Valgrindar
Eintrag 631 vom 10.09.2008, 04:11
 Best wishes to Chris and his family!
He will be greatly missed.
May the spirit of Witchhunter be remembered in metal until and beyond the end.
Diego Salazar (Chile) eMail an Diego Salazar (Chile) schicken
Eintrag 630 vom 10.09.2008, 03:45
 A big loss for the extreme metal world. His drums were one of the big columns on the construction of all the genre. I hope you are fine; I send my condolences to the family and Sodom members that met him.
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