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Chriss Metal eMail an Chriss Metal schicken Chriss Metals Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 649 vom 10.09.2008, 07:39
 Your music lives on and on and its eternal!!. My condolence to Chris family! He will be missed and i mean really missed!!. Chris your work in Sodom changed my life and i want to thank you for that! and i know you can see and hear everything its said or written by your loved ones and fans!. WE LOVE YOU!. Your music lives forever in us!! HAILS BROTHER!! AND REST IN PEACE!!. Will see you soon. Much love!,Respect!.

Chriss Metal(Sepulchral)
Lars eMail an Lars schicken
Eintrag 648 vom 10.09.2008, 07:16
Herkunft: Deutschland
 Ich bin geschockt
MANOLO Y CARLOS eMail an MANOLO Y CARLOS schicken AIM: manolo y carlos
Eintrag 647 vom 10.09.2008, 07:12
Aceröperuanö eMail an Aceröperuanö schicken
Eintrag 646 vom 10.09.2008, 07:09
 This fucking sucks, Chris was an amazing drummer and part of the Saw Family, he with Angelripper, Blackfire and Grave Violator, made many of my favorite thrash metal albums,Sodom is Sodom in part because of him, I hope you finally find peace, and if you cand send some hails from my part to Chuck, Cliff, Dime and Bon, R.I.P. man.
Eintrag 645 vom 10.09.2008, 07:03
 still am so shocked....

RIP, Chris
BLOODCURSE eMail an BLOODCURSE schicken BLOODCURSEs Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 644 vom 10.09.2008, 06:55
 RIP bro!!
sotto eMail an sotto schicken
Eintrag 643 vom 10.09.2008, 06:51
 You will always be remembered, rest in peace Chris.
Eintrag 642 vom 10.09.2008, 06:50
 Heil to Witchhunter!! Your soul is in hell and play with all deadtraurig Metal Heroes... 'TIL DEATH DO US UNITE.
Maybe You from behind the grave {SODOM} compose... PERCUSSION MANIA! m/
Joe eMail an Joe schicken Joes Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 641 vom 10.09.2008, 06:32
 So many have died in our scene in recent years, it saddens me to have now lost another one.

R.I.P. Chris
Sir Thomas eMail an Sir Thomas schicken
Eintrag 640 vom 10.09.2008, 06:10
Herkunft: Bern, Switzerland
 Rest in Peace - Chris! Möge er im Heavy Metal Himmel weiter seine Drumsticks schwingen
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