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Gabriel "Kriegmeister" Escobar
Eintrag 659 vom 10.09.2008, 08:54
I was shocked when I read this. I was deeply shocked. Even my goth girlfriend was shocked too.

Perhaps Herr Witchhunter wasn't the best drummer but he had his style that made Sodom so unique along with the Herr Angelripper's bass.

He gave us their greatest moments in his life. Thanks for founding and building the war machine named Sodom!! R.I.P. You will be always remembered, REMEMBER THE FALLEN!!!
El Hombre El Hombres Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 658 vom 10.09.2008, 08:52
 R.I.P. Chris, and bang in Heaven!
Brutalizer eMail an Brutalizer schicken
Eintrag 657 vom 10.09.2008, 08:45
Very fuckin sad... The one of the greatest metalheadz is gone... God fuckin bless you WITCHHUNTERRR and all your family. Hope you found a better world there.... Russian sodomized fuckers miss you...
Eintrag 656 vom 10.09.2008, 08:40
 Sodom was the one band that brought me to Thrash Metal - albums like Agent Orange or Persecution Mania will never be forgotten and the spirit of Witchhunter lives within the music. Remember the fallen!
R.I.P. Chris
Eintrag 655 vom 10.09.2008, 08:38
 R.I.P. Chris!!!

mir fehlen die Worte... traurig

Eintrag 654 vom 10.09.2008, 08:32
Wänää eMail an Wänää schicken Wänääs Homepage besuchen AIM: Wänää
Eintrag 653 vom 10.09.2008, 08:32
Herkunft: Vienna / Austria
 Meine aufrichtige Anteilnahme für einen der kultigsten Metal-Drummer der Welt!

Ich öle jetzt meinen Patronengurt, pfeiff mir die "Persecution Mania" rein und trinke das nächste Six-Pack auf Chris!

Rest in peace, your spirit rocks on!

Werner aus Wien
Bitchhammer eMail an Bitchhammer schicken Bitchhammers Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 652 vom 10.09.2008, 08:19
Herkunft: HSK
 Rest In Peace, Brother!

Wherever you may be ...
Eintrag 651 vom 10.09.2008, 07:59
 R.I.P. brother... traurig
Chriss Metal eMail an Chriss Metal schicken Chriss Metals Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 650 vom 10.09.2008, 07:43
 p.s Please to the people who are writing stupidity in this book. Show some respect!. This is not about religion or beliefs. We have lost a Metal Brother! and a very important person in the world of Metal! so show some respect. Thanks.

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