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Sergio T eMail an Sergio T schicken AIM: BloodyFingers
Eintrag 669 vom 10.09.2008, 09:14
 Good Bye Dear Chris, We gonna miss you!
Alex KirchgeÃčner eMail an Alex Kirchge├čner schicken Alex Kirchge├čners Homepage besuchen AIM: Pumpgun
Eintrag 668 vom 10.09.2008, 09:10
Herkunft: München
 The grass was greener
The light was brighter
The taste was sweeter
The nights of wonder
With friends surrounded
The dawn mist glowing
The water flowing
The endless river

Forever and ever

R.I.P. Brother, Danke für eine geile Jugend - Du wirst uns fehlen!


Hipo eMail an Hipo schicken
Eintrag 667 vom 10.09.2008, 09:09
 Witchhunter Is Dead?Why You Died You Fucking Bastard?

Rest In Peace Man...

Cheers From Greece...
kevin eMail an kevin schicken
Eintrag 666 vom 10.09.2008, 09:06
Herkunft: good old germany
DOOM METAL eMail an DOOM METAL schicken
Eintrag 665 vom 10.09.2008, 09:04
Herkunft: CH
 remember the fallen! chris, du warst einfach legendär
Eintrag 664 vom 10.09.2008, 09:01

nur die besten sterben jung...
chris, machs gut!
krepbeerer eMail an krepbeerer schicken
Eintrag 663 vom 10.09.2008, 09:00
 oh my god, its to early in the morning, i meant your drumattacks are immortal....
greetings into the beyond
Juaquin Saes y Vissers eMail an Juaquin Saes y Vissers schicken
Eintrag 662 vom 10.09.2008, 08:56
Herkunft: Spain/Germany
 Only The Good Die Young !!!!


krepbeerer eMail an krepbeerer schicken
Eintrag 661 vom 10.09.2008, 08:55
Herkunft: schweiz
 hail chris witchhunter
Your riffs are immortal !!
Thanx for the great time with your music.
Take a drink and have a good time, death is not the end
Paul eMail an Paul schicken
Eintrag 660 vom 10.09.2008, 08:54
Herkunft: X
Greetings Chris
You will be missed and never forgotten as you were part of the original thrash metal pioneers. i bought the 1st ep in 1984 and have been a fan till now. Sodom is and always will be a part of my life ( my really good friends).
Some day we all will have some beers together. prost!

Paul Ponkow
Former USA Manager, Promoter and Public relations.
Credited for Sodom tribute Homage to the Gods
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