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Mario eMail an Mario schicken
Eintrag 1049 vom 14.09.2008, 07:04
 In the sign of Evil was one of the first heavy metal albums I had, then my first CD was Persecution Mania, I always like the bad as Angelripper / Witchhunter / Blackfire ... RIP BROTHER!!!! see ya soon!!!
Juan eMail an Juan schicken
Eintrag 1048 vom 14.09.2008, 05:46
Herkunft: Ecuador
 I am Juan from Ecuador.

On September 7th, Sodom played their very first gig in my country after 24 years of their first release called âIn the sign of evilâ. The bandâs formation for that album was Tom Angelripper (Vocals, bass), Grave Violator (guitars) and Chris Witchhunter (drums).
Shockingly, that same day passed away a true heavy metal pioneer and a Thrash icon.
Mi sentido pésame para Chris, su familia y Sodom.
Thrash âtill death and Thrash after death!
Merciless Onslaugth eMail an Merciless Onslaugth schicken
Eintrag 1047 vom 14.09.2008, 04:04
frustrating!, one of the best metal drummers in general, icon and a pillar of the genre in germany, Tapping the vain masterpiece as drummer, long life of eternal rest brother, you're one of my most powerful influences, SO. ... THRASH TILL FUCKING DEATH DUDE!!!YOU ALWAYS BE REMENBER MAN
Otto Hoppenstedt eMail an Otto Hoppenstedt schicken AIM: The Count of Darkness
Eintrag 1046 vom 14.09.2008, 03:57
Herkunft: Lauchhammer
Rest in Peace, Chris!
Warst immer am trommeln wie `ne Stalinorgel und beim Liveautritt wie im Bombenhagel!
Jetzt hat es dich erwischt!Ausgebombt!
thrashaolin eMail an thrashaolin schicken
Eintrag 1045 vom 14.09.2008, 03:45
 witchhunter isn't dead,he still lives in our hearts as one of the best thrashers ever. we won't forget him because a legend can't die. REST IN PEACE and thrash the heaven for us...thank you very much.
thrashaolin from rome
Alvaro eMail an Alvaro schicken Alvaros Homepage besuchen AIM: Otis
Eintrag 1044 vom 14.09.2008, 03:06
 I do not have words. My condolences for all the family of Chris and Sodom.
Honor and glory kommands!!!
Jesus Tapia eMail an Jesus Tapia schicken Jesus Tapias Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 1043 vom 14.09.2008, 03:02
geschockt I'm searchin at this moment over the net to find any info about you guys coming to play at my hometown Guadalajara, in México......

But when I tried to find the official tour dates, this smacks my face.....

I'm a Sodom fan since Obssessed by cruelty, and all my fuckin' life since I was waiting for see a original Line Up concert böse

Chris, vaya con Dios.
Colin Kauffman eMail an Colin Kauffman schicken
Eintrag 1042 vom 14.09.2008, 02:55
 Chris, your music with Sodom gave me a place where i could go to forgot life's troubles, thank you for making my world a better place with your music, may you find peace.

RIP Chris Witchhunter!
mario sanchez eMail an mario sanchez schicken
Eintrag 1041 vom 14.09.2008, 02:44
 RIP Chris,

To the one of the greatest, your heart is with you.

thank you for the great music.....

tschage eMail an tschage schicken
Eintrag 1040 vom 14.09.2008, 02:41
Herkunft: Bönnigheim
 ich kann es gar nicht glauben!!seit 20 jahren höre ich sodom und war auf diversen konzerten wo chris noch dabei war.ich werde ihn nie vergessen R.I.P chris
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