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micha eMail an micha schicken michas Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 1079 vom 15.09.2008, 16:29
Herkunft: ba-wü
 R.I.P., Chris! und danke für die geilen SODOM-alben. du bleibst unvergessen!
Eintrag 1078 vom 15.09.2008, 16:07
 Rest in peace Witchhunter! Let us remember and celebrate that music that he was a part off making and thank god for "the final sign of evil". Almost spooky somehow i think. He did this project and the went away!!! Cheers, Daniel.
Eintrag 1077 vom 15.09.2008, 15:50
Ugo Ferri eMail an Ugo Ferri schicken Ugo Ferris Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 1076 vom 15.09.2008, 15:21
 Definitivamente devastadora la noticia, el mismo día que SODOM piso territorios Ecuatorianos ocurre otra gran perdida en la gran familia del verdadero metal pesado, Condolencias para toda la gente que estuvo alrededor de Chris de parte de los que hacemos BASTARDO. El show debe continuar.
arturo wedderburn anguizola eMail an arturo wedderburn anguizola schicken
Eintrag 1075 vom 15.09.2008, 13:23
 from panama, chris r.i.p my friend, for the all fans over the world, remember the fallen, remember "chris wichthunter.
Scrapmetal eMail an Scrapmetal schicken Scrapmetals Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 1074 vom 15.09.2008, 12:01
 Our Deepest Respect to Witchhunter's Friend's & Family.
Hail, Chris Withchhunter!!!
Der Nerv
Eintrag 1073 vom 15.09.2008, 11:38
 Rest in peace. What else could we say
Savage_Messiah Savage_Messiahs Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 1072 vom 15.09.2008, 11:18
Herkunft: London
 Savage Messiah sends the deepest thoughts , and condolences !!!
Wherever Witchhunter is....He will keep on thrashing his heart out!!!!!

We raise yer glasses for you!!!
el putrido eMail an el putrido schicken el putridos Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 1071 vom 15.09.2008, 09:46
 stay heavy in the next life....
lex eMail an lex schicken
Eintrag 1070 vom 15.09.2008, 05:24
chris witchhunter now joins the list of the other fallen to remember -paul balloff ,david wayne,piggy,quorthorn,chuck schuldiner,dimebag ,bon scott....& that's only the ones i can remember at this moment.....& this list keeps growing......ruhe in frieden amigo.
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