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Thomas eMail an Thomas schicken
Eintrag 1259 vom 28.09.2008, 00:06
Herkunft: Deutschland
vor trauer fehlen mir die worte traurig
R.I.P. Chris
Mike eMail an Mike schicken
Eintrag 1258 vom 27.09.2008, 19:15
Herkunft: Schweiz
 Die Metalwelt ist wieder ärmer geworden...

Grüss Chuck Schuldiner von uns allen..
Andy Brings Andy Bringss Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 1257 vom 27.09.2008, 18:18
Herkunft: Ruhrgebiet
 Du warst, bist und bleibst eine Legende!
Hattest auch eine schöne Bestattung, waren alle da!
Haben hinterher ein Getränk auf Dich genommen, hätte Dir gefallen. Ruhe in Frieden!

Danny (2nd part) eMail an Danny (2nd part) schicken
Eintrag 1256 vom 27.09.2008, 16:50
 approached to the fence and said: "eh!eh!eh! wtf is that?" and suddenly he screamed a noisy "AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH" and it wasn't until we shouted at him in a proper way, that he started signing our tickets.

He had something that most of the actual bands are trying to pretend they have, he had ATTITUDE, and that's the attitude that has guided me through all these years, thanks master!
Thanks Chris for all those metal years

Rest in peace friend.
You'll always live in our hearts.
Danny eMail an Danny schicken
Eintrag 1255 vom 27.09.2008, 16:48
 I'm still shocked, I'd like to share my meeting with him, in Castellon. On July 91, we travelled from Barcelona to meet mighty Sodom, on Summer Thrash Festival.

It was a football stadium, and there was a fence just delimiting the fans from the bands, of course we could see them walking around, and we were there just asking for some autographs.
When we saw there Witchhunter, all of us drove mad, and we started shouting "eh! eh! eh! Chris!"He
Kevator eMail an Kevator schicken
Eintrag 1254 vom 27.09.2008, 15:03
Herkunft: Deutschland
 remember the fallen
R.I.P. chris
Lacky eMail an Lacky schicken
Eintrag 1253 vom 27.09.2008, 13:33
Herkunft: Essen
 Wieder hat der Ruhrpott ein Original verloren ...
Trommel in Frieden !!!
koutro Rolf eMail an koutro Rolf schicken
Eintrag 1252 vom 27.09.2008, 11:42
 we, sodomers from greece, will never forget the best german drummer who walked on this earth.
Remember the Fallen....Remember Chris Witchhunter
REST IN PEACE brother.....
Steve eMail an Steve schicken
Eintrag 1251 vom 27.09.2008, 11:12
Herkunft: Deutschland
er war einer der besten und es ist wirklich schade was passiert ist aber da kann man nix machen das leben muss weitergehen

R.I.P chris
Dave / IN AETERNUM Dave / IN AETERNUMs Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 1250 vom 27.09.2008, 10:04
 I grew up with Sodom's early records and Witchhunters insane untight drumming. That was part of the charm of it all. He played on some of Sodom's best records ever. You will be remembered by all of us old school metalheads. R.I.P. wherever you are.
Metal forever forever metal.
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