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alexandre eMail an alexandre schicken
Eintrag 1549 vom 27.05.2009, 03:53
 Fica aqui meus protestos de elevada estima e consideração ao maior baterista da cena do metal mundial,,,, e que você jamais sera esquecido, principalmente dos fãs brasileiros.
Graveviolator eMail an Graveviolator schicken
Eintrag 1548 vom 13.05.2009, 22:51
 Sorry, i meant "may you rest in PEACE". ;)
Graveviolator eMail an Graveviolator schicken
Eintrag 1547 vom 13.05.2009, 22:49
 Man... I only found out today while i was checking the "encyclopaedia metallum" that Chris died... traurig I will always remember him as a great metal drummer, both for his funny screw-ups on "In The Sign Of Evil" or his meisterwerk on "Agent Orange"! Hail from Portugal, brother! May you rest eternally in piece. traurig((( why's that all my heroes die young?
Bestial Tom
Eintrag 1546 vom 10.05.2009, 14:01
Herkunft: NRW
 macht doch nicht so ein theater, dann ist er eben tot!
was solls!?
jeder muss mal sterben,ja und!? das ist doch gut so!!!!!
dave eMail an dave schicken
Eintrag 1545 vom 07.05.2009, 20:29
 rip man
Slayer eMail an Slayer schicken Slayers Homepage besuchen
Eintrag 1544 vom 05.05.2009, 14:03
Herkunft: kassel
 ich habe dicj lider nie kennen gelernt, aber danke für die geile musik, rip
President Bagel
Eintrag 1543 vom 04.05.2009, 10:40
 You are an incarnated piece of metal history. Every time I listen to various classic Sodom albums, your work will live on. Rest well. Hails from Canada.
Emond eMail an Emond schicken
Eintrag 1542 vom 02.05.2009, 01:47
 condolence from Québec. we will always remember the fallen legend
Eintrag 1541 vom 29.04.2009, 14:55
 "Honour the fallen heroes;See their last resting place...Remember the fallen!" Rest in Peace,Chris!
Drums technic eMail an Drums technic schicken
Eintrag 1540 vom 24.04.2009, 14:23
 I in grief! Let the ground to it will be down! We shall always remember you, Chris!!!!!
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