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Nikos eMail an Nikos schicken
Eintrag 1829 vom 26.07.2015, 17:41
 Rest In Peace dear Chris, you were an inspiration and influence, as I took more seriously the drum playing and studying in 1989, of course after listening and buying my favorite Sodom Album, "Agent Orange".
Never forgotten.
dimitris eMail an dimitris schicken
Eintrag 1828 vom 25.07.2015, 18:07
Herkunft: Greece
 Rest In Peace of my biggest insipirations...learned a lot from hearing your drumming,your cymbal work was were your fills....
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Eintrag 1827 vom 03.07.2015, 15:01
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Eintrag 1826 vom 27.06.2015, 23:42
Herkunft: my living-room
if you read this, no matter whereever you are now,
I hope you still play your guitar in heaven. I'll never
forget you.
Alan Hume eMail an Alan Hume schicken
Eintrag 1825 vom 02.06.2015, 16:05
 Rest In Peace, we will miss you
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Eintrag 1824 vom 27.03.2015, 17:43
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Eintrag 1823 vom 04.02.2015, 04:18
 Every hour of lost time is a chance of future misfortune.
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Eintrag 1822 vom 04.02.2015, 04:11
 Every story has an ending.but in life, every end is a new beginning.
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Eintrag 1821 vom 04.02.2015, 04:01
 Don't realize too much which will let you down.Blessed is he whose fame does not outshine his truth.
Rocker D eMail an Rocker D schicken
Eintrag 1820 vom 21.01.2015, 00:35
 I honor your work as an excellent drummer for an excellent band. You performed so awesome on all the albums. I am saddened by your passing but your music lives on! Thank you Chris and R.I.P
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