Next Tourdates

26.12.2021 So.
(DE) Andernach
JUZ. Support: Darkness (DE)

27.12.2021 Mo.
(DE) Aschaffenburg
Colos Saal. Support: Darkness (DE)

28.12.2021 Di.
(DE) Wolfsburg
Hallenbad. Support: Darkness (DE)

Latest Release

Tom plays

Frank plays

Yorck plays

Toni plays

At the time, Sodom enter the rehearsal rooms writing the new material for the next album, which probably will be recorded in May. Hope they can release this Thrash-Masterpiece in the late summer, before they started the celebration of the 30 Years anniversary. We will keep you informed about the next activities...cheers, buddies ;)) Pic above by Anton York!

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